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We are a new dating site that will help you along the way to finding success in love. We are a family unit with over 30 years of experience of being together and keeping it together through the best times and through trying times. The key for us to lasting love is “chemistry” and if you have that then you are on your way to a successful love story.

About Us

We started the business because we like to see people happy, and having that “happy ever after” feeling, after all I think that is what we all want right? Personally, knowing of a few success stories, we knew this was a business for us to potentially bring people together, and have them create their love story, and spread the love! We welcome everyone here and we are here to help you find “the one” this is our main objective, but it is up to you to create your own story on how you perceive love to be.

You can contact us through our “contact us” page should you wish to air any concerns. Diamonds and Ties welcomes everyone on board who would like to join us and would like to thank you for choosing us and to being part of the Diamonds and Ties family.

Please note we are a serious website with just one focus in mind – helping you to create your very own love story.

Best of luck to you all….

The Team at Diamonds and Ties

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Diamonds And Ties offers you the opportunity to simply accelerate this process by finding out which is right for you and maybe find your life partner.

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