Tips on How to Have a Socially Distanced Date

Let’s face it, social distancing is our new reality and may be for quite some time BUT that doesn’t mean you have to stop dating altogether.

IT’s ok If you’re not ready to meet someone new while remaining socially distanced, you should only do what makes you feel safe – Virtual dates are a fabulous alternative to meeting. However, if you’re ready to meet some of your matches in real life there are more than a couple great ways to do so while still following the safety guidelines!

Initially, if you are meeting someone for the first time, maybe wearing a mask is a good idea. You can always text your date prior to meeting them to see what their level of comfort is as well, this way you’ll be on the same page when you meet for the first time. Also carry some hand sanitiser just to be safe!

Now, there are more than a few options of dates you can go on especially whilst the weather is Here is a list of Diamonds and Ties favourite socially distanced date spots:

Dinner on a Patio: Now that dining-in is a little less safe these days, street patios have popped up in cities everywhere. There are many outside patios ranging from breweries, to restaurants and wine bars. This is the perfect idea for those looking for a safe and romantic date night.

Take a Hike: In the UK are very lucky that we have the countryside not far from where we live. For those of you who love adventure and bonding over something challenging like an incline, this is the perfect socially distanced date for you. You don’t have to come in contact with anyone else and you can enjoy the fresh air while you’re at it.

Picnic in the Park: Why not have a new ritual of having Cheese and wine o’clock every Friday after work – tIf you and your date are foodies, then why not have your own Cheese o’clock in a park and post up for a sunny afternoon. Bonding over food warms the heart and satisfies the tummy.

Walk and Talk: When you don’t have a ton of time in your schedule even just a short walk and talk is a great way to get outside and have a meet and greet with the person you’ve been connecting with online. It’s a great way to get a feel for one another and whether you’d like to continue to chat and possibly go on an actual date soon.

2 thoughts on “Tips on How to Have a Socially Distanced Date

  • Tamika

    I hike back in the States all the time. That is definitely a cool way to date, I went on hike with a man two years ago, man I was alot healthier back then…ha ha ha

    • Pamela Gayle

      Hey Tamika! Welcome to the D&T Family!
      So lovely to have someone from the USA here with us.
      Wow!, what a date Hiking?, what part of the US are you from?. Tell us more about the date?!. Share your story girlfriend! 🙂

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