Top tips on how to take your online relationship offline now lockdown is over!

1) Don’t leave it too long!

2) Offer alternative contact details – your mobile number is a great start!

3) Save some conversations for the actual face to face date.

4) Don’t put your eggs all in one basket – keep other options open.

4) Be prepared to be disappointed, sometimes the real person isn’t what you expected.

Most importantly, enjoy being out and about meeting new people again! ????????
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7 thoughts on “Top tips on how to take your online relationship offline now lockdown is over!

  • Pammie

    Hi Jo, Welcome! and thank you for jumping on!!. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what someone will say or do in this current situation of online dating. We hope you will find love with us, but you have to create and develop your own story. Look at it this way, you have had a lucky escape!. How long would that relationship of last if he did date you?. Glad you are optimistic and loving your positive vibe! Do not give up, there is someone for everyone!…thank you for the compliment darling….stay beautiful, and remember Pammie loves you!…xxxx

  • Joanne

    Hi, I was online during lockdown, got flirting to a guy – we hit it off, so I decided to come offline and asked if he wanted to meet up. He was keen for a while, and wanted to meet, and I kid you not, after a few messages back and forth he went awol!!!!. Could’nt get hold of him at all…lol. I was optimistic and went back online, I am a strong believer in love…am I crazy??. ha ha ha. You are beautiful btw!!!

  • Pamela Gayle

    Hi Jo!, Happy to see you back online and yes, I too am a strong believer in love and that there is someone for everyone in this crazy world!.
    Unfortunately one thing we cannot do is know in advance how a person will react so we take our chances. The only thing we can do, this is why I think it is always good to not put all your eggs in one basket. Stay online and chat there for a good while. If they are not on there for love then they will get bored and stop talking. At least then you will know, and without giving your personal number!….Good luck sweetheart….keep getting involved with the blogs and check out the forum too!. …Thank you for the compliment!…Pammie loves you!…xxx

  • Kate

    Hi, I too was online during Lockdown, kinda not had much else to do other than Netflix binge…lol. Spoke to alot of good guys actually, but did’nt take anything offline, there was no point as no one knew then when we were allowed out.
    Spoke to some lovely guys actually, probs because we was all bored. Love our video Pammie!..xx

    • Pamela Gayle

      Hello Kate, Welcome!…seems like you really enjoyed lockdown, good for you. Correct in the sense that we not had much else to do, and super happy it was a pleasant experience for you. 100% correct, there are loads of lovely guys out there!. Just the case of finding the right one for you. Join us, you never know!. Curious, why did you not take any offline once we were aloud out to play?….feel free to private message me on Via our Facebook page if you do not want to say here. Thank you for the compliment, do follow us I will be online alot more!!…Stay gorgeous…xxx

  • Carlos

    Hi Ladies, not all us guys are bad some of us do actually write. I want to find love you know. I am getting old and need a woman to look after me. I am 56. I wish you all happiness.

    • Pamela Gayle

      Hi Carlos!, welcome!!. No one is the same, my ladies and I know that not all guys are the same. Hope you find what you are looking for here with us at D&T, love, friendship, companionship. Create a profile Carlos, you never know. I am a strong believer in “there is someone for everyone” in this world. Stay involved and keep those positive comments coming. Lots of love…

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