Why is it that conversations on dating sites fizzle so quickly? Here are 5 tips to stop that from happening!

1) Turn on your notifications! Checking the site that you’re on multiple times a day to see if the girl or guy you’re chatting to has responded can be draining! And when things get hectic at work or at home, there’s a chance you won’t think to check, meaning you may miss your match’s responses and let things fizzle out! Therefore turn them notifications on so it pops up when they reply!

2) Flatter them! Flattery will definitely get you somewhere so don’t be shy on the compliments.

3) Ask open ended questions. If your conversation seems to be fading out, avoid the yes no questions and ask questions which are open ended and keep them messages flowing.

4) Get those numbers?! Once you’ve been chatting for a few days it’s easier to move on to text messages. This can also determine whether you have enough chemistry!

5) Ask for photos! Don’t be shy to ask for photos no matter how many are on their profile. These can keep your conversation from fizzling out if you are discussing a photo from a certain event or area. ????

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7 thoughts on “Why is it that conversations on dating sites fizzle so quickly? Here are 5 tips to stop that from happening!

  • Mikey T

    ha ha ha Diamonds and Ties!….of course, my phone is always on!. And I’m charming, always room for flattery and banter!. I have asked for photot’s before but I don’t think some of those photo’s are real….lol. To be honest, I am seriously looking for a relationship though, mum’s on my case for grand-kids!. I will be looking out for the one on here, then I’ll add my photo…stay blessed. Like your video!

    • Pamela Gayle

      Hi Mikey T, Welcome and thanks for jumping on! our first male!. That alone deserves a whoop whoop. Joking aside, yes keep up the flattery and banter must always have both! Unfortunately we have become so self absorbed with appearances etc, we expect only the best in return and so expectations on looks is high. This is the reason why people feel that they should add on a fake photo, or not one at all. As a website we do not work that way. We will always encourage people to add a photo, no matter what they look like, race or colour. Its important to find the right person, let mum know you are working on this and I hope you find your love with us and create your own beautiful story!. You sound awesome, don’t forget Pammie loves you!….

  • Alex J

    Ha ha ha Flattery is the name of the game!, always flattering women. I find some of them boring though. Some women just want to hear that, and wants you to wine and dine them. They can flatter us back to though can’t just be one way.
    I have asked for numbers and been given to wrong numbers in the past.
    But seriously. I would love to find someone now. Time to be serious and grow up a bit!..lol. I like your video…..

    • Pamela Gayle

      Alex!, I totally agree with you, we wanted equality after all right? It almost becomes like a game does’nt it?. Flattery turns into flirting only when you hit that note. You are correct in saying that some women just like to hear it, but the right person will “hear” it if you know what I mean, that’s when it turns into flirting. Suddenly you develop this back and forth of words. So don’t give up flattering women my darling, you will hit that note. Thank you for the compliment and keep those comments coming. Much Love…Pammie xxx

  • Joanne

    Alex J I hear you!!….women can and should flatter back. I have done that many times, not all us women are the same. I’m not superficial and really do want to find love but I do agree some women are hard work. Nice to see some guys getting involved in conversations.

    • Pamela Gayle

      Hi Jo!, great to hear that you do flatter back and why not? Keep that going my darling, and I too think it is great that men are getting involved in these conversations. Keep up the good work I say. Stay online Jo, keep getting involved and spread the word….much love…Pammie xxx

  • Tamika

    Hi y’all!, I’m Tamika how y’all doing?
    Its damm hard meeting people these days god damm, y’all agree?. I don’t be doing things like this but this way is the way these days.
    ha ha ha ha

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